Meaning of Lucas name

Meaning of Lucas name

Luke, male name of Latin origin "lucius", what does it mean "He who is luminous"; name widely used in ancient Rome.

History and the Saint

Saint Luke, EvangelistThe book of the Acts of the Apostles and the third synoptic gospel are attributed to him. He is described as a cultured man and a doctor by profession; he accompanies Saint Paul on several occasions. Little is known about his birthplace as about the facts of his death; some authors maintain that he missioned to Achaia and died a celibate, while others assert that he died a martyr.

His Santose is celebrated on October 18.

Other Santos Lucas: Other Saints Luke: Saint Luke, deacon and martyr is celebrated on April 22, Saint Luke, martyr on September 10, Saint Lucius I, pope and martyr on March 4, Saint Luke, evangelist on October 18, Saint Luke (Alonso) of the Holy Spirit, priest and Lucas Hoang Tjai-Ken, martyr on September 20, among others.

Lucas variant

Luke in other languages:

  • Catalan: Lluc.
  • French: Luc.
  • English: Luke.
  • Italian: Luca.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Lucas

  • Lucas Mallada, was born in Huesca in 1841. Paleontologist and geologist. I make a fossil catalog and a geological map of Spain.
  • George lucas, American film director, creator of the saga "Star Wars", 1977 that revolutionized the cinema.
  • Robert Lucas, was born in Washington in 1964, Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences in 1995.

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