Akwan, the Brazilian purchase of Google

A few days ago we commented that Google's strategy passed, among other initiatives, through China and Brazil and that in the latter country it had materialized through the purchase of Akwan.

About Akwan

A little more information. Chileans and Spaniards have also contributed to the development of this search technology (Akwan, TodoCL, Barcino and Raditech).

With this technology, a company was set up in Spain, the aforementioned Raditech, with Vicente López who was at the time linked to Prisa.com and now he is, like one of the souls of the project and one of the best connoisseurs of the algorithms of search engines, Ricardo Baeza Yates, at Pompeu Fabra University.

Akwan, the Brazilian purchase from Google, already in the search engine's basket, may help us discover the things that ours can do. For years Ricardo Baeza Yates, from Chile, has impressed us with his excellent knowledge and mastery of search technologies. Ricardo, congratulations.


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