New Microsoft search engine

New Microsoft search engine

New Microsoft Search Engine 2.0: Bing

Microsoft has decided to relaunch its search engine in order to outperform Yahoo by promising to offer simpler searches.

The search engine, with a new name and domain, “Bing.com”, will start working first in the US and could be released in beta in other countries.

Google has more than 64% of the US search market, followed by Yahoo with 20% and Microsoft with 8.2%.

Bing promises to deliver more relevant results by understanding search intent, and grouping the information most closely related to the original query.

For example, searches for a product will also provide links to reviews, accessories, and online stores, in addition to the information about the product itself; flight information searches will show flight times, as well as links to hotels and weather pages.

Microsoft wants to reduce the number of clicks that a user must make to find specific and related information.

According to Paul Stoddart, head of Microsoft search for the UK: “40% of inquiries get no response. There is something wrong and that consumers greatly need ”. He added: “We can see it in the [search] histories.

When doing searches with the existing search engines we have to modify the queries again and again, adding more words, clicking on a site and coming back because it was not the one we were looking for and, finally, abandoning the search ”.
Stoddart noted that Microsoft hopes to establish an "emotional connection" between users and its search engine, and brand loyalty.

Bing looks nicer and less clinical than previous search engines from Microsoft and its rivals, with a background image that will change daily.

“Google has not been able to innovate much its UI (user interface) because they have to show their ads; this is how they make money. We can try different things, ”Stoddart said.

Users can also save their searches to avoid having to remember which site they found specific information on.

Stoddart stated that the UK version of Bing will be launched later than in the US, as Microsoft is looking for the "best threads" between UK-specific web services, in order to add them to the results. from your search engine.

Source: BBC Technology

Video: Introducing Microsoft Search (January 2021).