An assembly of nanomachines mimics human muscles

For the first time, an assembly of thousands of nanomachines capable of producing a coordinated contraction movement that extends up to about ten micrometers, like the movements of muscle fibers, has been synthesized by a team from the CNRS of the Charles Sadron Institute.

This groundbreaking work, led by Nicolas Giuseppone, professor at the University of Strasbourg, with the participation of researchers from the Laboratory of Matter and Complex Systems Systèmes (CNRS / Paris Diderot University), provides an experimental validation of a biomimetic approach that has been conceptualized during some years in the field of nanosciences.

This discovery opens prospects for a multitude of applications in robotics, for the storage of information in nanotechnology, for the synthesis of artificial muscles in the field of medicine or for the design of other materials that incorporate nanomachines (endowed with new mechanical properties). This work has been published in the online version of Angewandte Chemie International Edition.


Video: Multifilament Artificial Muscles to Mimic the Human Neck

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