Cancer Sign: 16 Reasons You Should Share Your Love And Life With One

What you need to know about cancer if you are going to share your life with a person of this sign

If you fall in love with a cancer sign ...Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which gives them a special personality. The Moon makes them susceptible, suspicious, fanciful, jealous, imaginative ... That greatly marks their personality and can complicate your life a bit.

Although on the other hand, it has its advantages to share your life and your love with one of them and I'm going to give you 16 reasons to do it.

What you need to know about cancer and relationships

1- Watch out, watch out with a Cancer in love ...! He is jealous, possessive, distrustful ... He imagines things that are not and sees ghosts in the form of lovers everywhere. Make things clear from the start so that he trusts you.

2- If you can't stand the jealous... Do not get together with a Cancer because they become unbearable with their distrust and can make your life bitter. You will have to learn to curb so much imagination and impose your terms.

3- If you can't bear them touching your things, change partners, because their distrust makes them snoopers and do not respect your privacy. They are constantly checking your wallet, wallet, suitcase, files ... in search of any indication, to verify what they are figuring out ...What are you unfaithful to them?

4- His insecurity It leads them to always demand that you fulfill a schedule, a routine, a behavior ... that allows them to trust you. This is called insecurity. If you love him / her you must find the formula to stop living like this.

You will discuss continuously because when they get angry they can be angry. They will unleash their point-blank rage when you least expect it for a comment that "they" consider inappropriate.

5- If you don't like scandal, do not go out to dinner in a restaurant, hoping to argue about something and not yell at you or show their anger, because when they break out ... there is no one to stop them. They will surely yell at you in public, they can break a glass, throw a glass of wine in your face, throw the flowers over your head ... Anyway, they are very enjoyable ...

6- The gifts they deserve a separate chapter. Don't ever buy anything from them ... It has to be branded, expensive and luxurious. If not, you are sold. They will look down on you or get angry because they will think that you do not value them enough and that you do not deserve someone as special as them.

7- The secret to being with a Cancer: adapt or die.

Reassure him, make him fully trust you, to eliminate half of the fights that will mount you. If you really want to live and love a Cancer ... Establish a quick trust code and you will save yourself a lot of trouble.

The good thing about having a person with a cancer sign in your life

8- Cancer are excellent people, but they are lunatics. Due to their great imagination, they imagine things that others have not said or done and if they swear to someone, because they think they are going against them in some way ... You are sold! Know that he will never speak to you again or forgive you.

9- Cancer parents are fantastic, becausehis top priority is his family. It is the foundation of your life. Their roots mark a line for them in life, which they do not lose until they die. They are capable of sacrificing for their family to limits unthinkable for other signs. They are very loving.

10- If you are lucky enough tohaving a Cancer parentKnow that they live for you and will always protect you. You are and will be the most important thing in their life until they die. His job is to make your life easier and give you the best. They will propel you far ...

11- The house is his kingdom. The house of a crab will be elegant, sophisticated, comfortable and its great refuge. They love to receive friends, but above all to hide there to charge batteries and be alone with themselves. Are someexcellent hosts and they usually cook very well. If you are lucky enough to be invited to his home, his great sanctuary, surely you will eat very well and you will be fascinated by the decoration.

12- A Cancer is a sociable, has a gift for people, they are very friendly andhe loves parties, but at the same timethey like solitude. They are natural PR and one of their strengths is dialogue, they are good conversationalists. They are usually very cultured and well trained.

13- The image of a cancer isalways flawless. For them, wearing a suitable style for each occasion is very important and they reject the ragged, rude and simpletons. A lot of money is spent on clothes, accessories, beauty salons, perfumes and makeup.

14- They do not settle for anything, they always wantthe best of the best: the best quality food, the most luxurious houses (if they don't have money they manage to have their very cute and stylish apartments), they go to the best restaurants, they organize big trips ... Money, status and luxury they are very important to them.

15- At work they are very versatile. They can perform many professions, but those related to words and design are the most suitable. Their great imagination and inspiration allows them to be good publicists, journalists, writers, fashion designers, cartoonists, politicians ... They convince with their words and ideas.

16- If you work with a Cancer you will see that it has great advantagesBecause they are very responsible, they are great intellectuals, they are demanding and organized. Working with them is a luxury. But ... Bewarethe order.It is their weak point. You will have to organize the pile of papers that he leaves behind.

17- If you are on deadlines between Cancer and Leo, You should look carefully at this graph, to see what each one is like and what you have in common. Regardless of the date, which determines exactly what your sign is, you could have characteristics common to both:

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