Famous Quotes of Musicians

Famous Quotes of Musicians

For all music fans, for whatever reasons, to relax, to acquire a specific atmosphere, to cry, to dance, to enjoy, for all these famous musicians' appointments.


  • I accept the chaos. -Bob Dylan
  • As soon as you start to believe yourself important, you become less creative -Mick Jagger
  • Music should make fire leap from the heart of man, and tears from the eyes of woman. - Ludwin van Beetohoven
  • Art is primarily a state of mind. -B.B. King
  • I plan to continue praying and playing until death. -Carlos Santana
  • Total thanks. -Soda Stereo
  • Music is synonymous with freedom, to play what you want and how you want, as long as it is good and has passion, that music is the food of love. Kurt Cobain
  • Death, to call it by its name, is the real purpose of our life. That is why for a few years now I have made a relationship with this true friend of man. -Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • In truth, if it weren't for the music, there would be more reason to go crazy. - Tchaikovski
  • Music can never be bad, whatever they say about rock and roll. -Elvis Presley
  • When the power of love surpasses the love of power the world will know peace. Jimi Hendryx
  • Honesty is not a virtue, it's an obligation. -Andrés Calamaro

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