10 charming hotels in New York (and best value for money)

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According to expert Joshua Stein (The Guardian), these are the best hotels in New York (a city whose hotels are most well known for poor quality / price ratio). At the end, a map where the 10 hotels are located.

1. East Village Bed and Coffee

That you like the march does not mean that you have to sleep in a hostel. The East Village is full of clubs and pizzerias, but today it also has a luxury apartment, exclusive shops and cafes. He Hotel East Village Bed and Coffee it preserves the eccentricity of the neighborhood while offering, at the same time, a clean and safe place to stay. Each room has a theme (Dutch, Mexican, Afghan, etc.) and even has a garden in the back. Rooms from $ 105. Hotel website.

2. The Algonquin Hotel

Almost 90 years ago, author Dorothy Parker and her Vicious Circle of writers and actors met in Algonquin, Midtown. The group became famous under the name “The Algonquin Round Table” and since then the hotel has become synonymous with literary talent. It currently has WiFi and rooms from $ 284. See more photos, user reviews and book online. Hotel website,

3. The Bowery Hotel

Stepping into the lobby of this hotel is like stepping back into an alternate past where tattooed models and musicians lounged by the fireplace in luxurious leather chairs, sipping cocktails, admiring ornate murals and chatting with their Blackberries. The Bowery is without a doubt the best of the new downtown hotels. Rooms from $ 495. The Bowery Hotel website.

4. Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn

Park Slope, where this hotel is located, is New York's baby mecca. There are twice as many strollers as there are people and, unlike in most of the United States, breastfeeding a child is not taboo. The hotel is neither good nor bad, but it is in a nice neighborhood with trees and full of shops for children and parents. Rooms from $ 216. See more photos, user opinions and book online. See the Hotel Inn Express Brooklyn website.

5. The Larchmont Hotel

With rooms starting at $ 80, this hotel leaves a lot of money for shopping. Rooms are clean and decor is basic to the point of asceticism, but its location, a few blocks away from the shops in Soho and the West Village, is ideal. See website of the Hotel Larchmont.

6. 102 Brownstone

Ideal for lovers of culture. In the 1920s, African-American artists and poets made Harlem a capital of culture, and after a brief hint of crime, Harlem is back to what it was. This small hotel on 118th Street is a short walk from the Mile Museum and right next to where Art Kane took his famous photo "A Great Day in Harlem." Rooms from $ 175. Hotel 102 Brownstone website.

7. The City Club Hotel New York

First-time visitors to New York may have the feeling of being among a herd of angry passersby in frenzy. With only 65 rooms, this hotel, located on 44th Street, exudes comfort and in it, time seems to slow down. The rooms are spacious and modern, loft style. From $ 345. Go to the City Club Hotel New York website.

8. The Sherry-Netherland Hotel

A hotel that has always been there. Neither as luxurious as the Waldorf nor as demure as the Gramercy, it often goes unnoticed. Its rooms stand out for their comfort and have beautiful views of Central Park. Rooms from $ 550. See photos and user reviews and book online. Go to the Hotel The Sherry - Netherland website.

9. The Carlton Hotel

Ideal for food lovers. His restaurant has recently been named by the NYTimes as one of the best hotel restaurants in town. Located on Madison Avenue, the Carlton is adjacent to the best culinary destinations in the city, such as The Shake Shack, in Madison Square Park, Gramercy Park Tavern, the new Hill Country Steakhouse or the Union Square Greenmarket. Rooms from $ 499. Go to the Carlton Hotel website.

10. The Liberty Inn

This affordable hotel, with rooms for just $ 101 a night, is in the heart of the Meatpacking District, but most people check in for only a couple of hours, as The Liberty Inn is one of the last “hotels in the world. love ”from New York. The decoration is not very romantic, but it is clean and during the stay you can meet very interesting people. Before 11 pm: $ 159; after: $ 129; and two hours from $ 52. Go to the official website of the Hotel Liberty Inn.

Map with the location of Hotels in New York (Google Maps)

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Source: http://www.guardian.co.uk and other media

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