Nanoscience mimics photosynthesis for renewable energy

Nanoscience mimics photosynthesis for renewable energy

Plants can convert sunlight into energy faster than any man-made process. Now scientists in the US, Australia and the UK have started to mimic photosynthesis to engineer a new generation of efficient solar energy cells.

Inside plants, each tiny molecule performs a specific task that converts light into energy. Now nanoscience can copy nature.

Scientists can build devices that work together, but each is responsible for a different function. And they have created a device capable of absorbing light and effectively converting it into an electrical current. Think of it as an artificial leaf that continuously converts sunlight into chemical energy, efficiently and ecologically.

Artificial photosynthesis could become a CO2-neutral source of electricity and fuel for transport, which implies that it would not contribute to climate change as a result of burning oil and coal.

Source: KFox News

Video: Bionic Leaf Mimics Photosynthesis And Converts Solar Energy Into Liquid Fuel (January 2021).