Can gel manicure cause skin cancer?

Increasingly popular because with them you can maintain perfect nails for several weeks.

This is thanks to a compound that is applied in layers and that dries under UV light after each coating.

Ultraviolet (UV) light lamps used in beauty salons to accelerate the drying and hardening of gel nail polishes emit different levels of radiation that have been linked to premature skin aging and cancer of skin.

Are gel manicures safe?

In a study, published in the journal JAMA Dermatology, 17 UV lamps from different beauty salons were analyzed, with a wide variation in terms of the radiation dose emitted. During the 8 minutes of drying the nails, the UV radiation dose ranged from less than 1 to 8 joules per square centimeter.

UV light can cause DNA damage of skin cells, and lead to skin cancer, when the 60 joules per square centimeter.

None of the nail lamps studied emitted UV light in that radiation range. However, the researchers speak of cumulative damage. That is, they estimate that in most lamps, after 8 to 14 visits, during 24 to 42 months, I know would reach the threshold for foot DNA damagel.

However, the study authors noted that the risk of skin cancer in the case of women who frequently use this type of manicure it is still little.

Use gel manicure safely.

It is recommended to apply a sunscreenbroad spectrum (UVA / UVB) on the hands 20 minutes before from exposure to UV light, thus minimizing the possible damage that UV light from the lamp could cause.

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