Google publishes third-party news on Google News

Google publishes third-party news on Google News

According to an article published on www.boston.com, Google started to include materials produced by The Associated Press and three other news services on its website last Friday, rather than sending readers to other websites.

The change, which affects hundreds of articles and photos distributed daily by the AP, Agence France-Presse, The UK Press Association and The Canadian Press, could decrease traffic to other media sites where they also find these news and photos. This could also reduce online advertising revenue for newspapers and broadcasters.

Google negotiated authorization agreements with the French news agency and the AP in the past two years, after these services complained that the search engine had infringed their copyright. The Mountain View company also signed agreements with The Press Association and The Canadian Press around the same time. The financial terms of these agreements have not been disclosed.

The new approach does not change the appearance of Google News or affect the way the section handles materials produced by other media.

Although Google has acquired the right to display the content produced by the four news services, Google News continues to include links to other websites to access news and photos.

From now on, Google News readers interested in reading an AP article will be able to do so directly on Google's website, or click on the external link that allows the same news to be viewed on another website.

Source: Boston Technology

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