Socks in summer?

Socks in summer?

Who says socks are exclusively for winter?

I'm a fan of wearing socks all year round and LET THEM BE SEEN!

Since I was little, socks have been something that drives me crazy. I like them all !!! and whenever I go to buy anything, I always end up with a (minimum) pair of them in hand.

Whether in bright colors, muted, tall, short, patterned, smooth, transparent, dense…. EVERYONE!

That's why I think that if you like something a lot, why limit yourself to using it only when it is established to use it?

In addition, there are so many ways to combine them (with sandals, shoes, sneakers, sandals ...) that will open up a universe of possibilities with your clothes, you will never get bored and you will always give a different touch to your outfits.

You dare?

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