10 signs that a woman may like you

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How to know if you like a woman?

Researchers from the Lancaster University and Imperial College London identified in a study those things in a woman's behavior that indicate that the man who is close attracts and likes him. According to the study, some words, gestures or expressions can be indicative that they like that person.

These are the indicators of the body language in which you have to look to know if he likes you.

1. An open, natural and spontaneous laugh

Laughter admits many variations depending on the personality of the woman: mischievous, natural smile, nervous giggle ... It is perceived in this way that she enjoys the company of the man in question.

2. Physical approach

He spontaneously brushes your arm, your clothes ... Don't mistake accidental touches of the intended.

3. Too many coincidences

There are many encounters that seem by "chance" and frequent coincidences that seem to make you think that she knows your every move. It seems to you that there are many chance encounters.

4. Her gaze is intermittent

In body language, it has been studied that if a person keeps his gaze with you for more than a second, there may be a good chance that the person is interested, if in addition the gazes become intermittent, that is, he withdraws his gaze and then returns to you. look a second time then the odds increase

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5. She touches and plays with her hair

It is another sign that gives you away in your body language. Although it is common for a woman to touch her hair, when she likes a man she does it in a slightly different way, it is a more deliberate gesture, keeping her gaze while doing it.

6. Cross your legs

If she is sitting close to you and crosses the legs that are farther from your side over the other, crossing her legs in that way makes her calf (the back of the leg) more exposed in shape and the muscles of the leg. leg look smoother and more attractive.

7. On his face the chin and face turn towards you

It indicates that you are particularly interested in what the person next to you says.

8. Spread your feet

Standing if both legs are straight and not moving, bad business. If they are slightly open or the woman is playing with her ankles, she may show an expressive state of restlessness which is a good sign.

9. Remember details of previous conversations

A woman does not forget the small details that a man says when he is interested.

10. Does not move away when you approach

The woman is not intimidated by the physical proximity of the man. She does not mind if you approach her, but it must be at the right time.

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