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Leopold male name of Germanic origin "Luit-pold" where"Luit"is town and"pole"is bold; Leopold it means "He who is bold or brave with the people or the people"or"He who is brave in the army".

History and the Saint

Saint Leopold of Austria, Leopold III, Margrave of Austria; called the Pious or the Brave, for his example of Christian life in the day-to-day life and for his victory in breaking up a border invasion. He was born in Melk in 1703, within the royal house of Austria, he marries Agnes, daughter of the Emperor Henry IV and has numerous descendants (10 girls and 8 boys). He founded the Benedictine abbeys of Matiazell; Heiligenkreux, Cistercian and Klosterneuburg, of Augustinians regular.

His Saint is commemorated on November 15.

OthersSan Leopoldo: Saint Leopoldo de Castelnuevo (Bogdan Mandic), priest is celebrated on May 12.

Variant of Leopold

Leopold in other languages:

  • Catalan: Leopold.
  • French: Léopold.
  • English: Leopold.
  • Italian: Leopold.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Leopold

  • Aaron Ciechanover, was born in Haifa, Israel in 1947; Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2004 for his research and discovery on protein degradation mediated by ubiquitin.
  • Aaron Copland, was born in New York in 1900. Outstanding composer considered one of the most outstanding musicians of the twentieth century. Some of his works: "LincolnPortrait", 1942 or "Rodeo", from 1942 and also made music for motion pictures.
  • Aaron Klug, was born in Zelvas, Lithuania in 1926, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1982 for developing the electron microscope to produce three-dimensional images of viruses, proteins and enzymes.

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