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Madrid - Rome: no more flights

The death of the Pope has sparked an interest from many people to go to Rome in the next few days. However, the Spanish airlines that make the Madrid - Rome route regularly, at the moment - and according to various sources - do not seem predisposed to put special flights for this reason.

Special flights depending on demand

Companies like Iberia, Alitalia and Air Europa, maintain regular flights with Rome. In total, there are eleven routes between Madrid-Barajas and Rome-Fiumicino airports (five are from Iberia, three from Alitalia, two from Air Europa and one from Air Plus Comet). Today, first thing in the morning, there were still deadlines on an airline bound for Rome.

The companies are waiting for what will happen with the demand during these days. In principle, they do not rule out increasing their flight offer if there were an increase in requests.

At the moment there is no news about cheap flight companies that cover the route to Rome from other cities, in response to the increase in visits to the Vatican during these days.

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