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Decorated paper for crafts with drawings of trees

Hello everyone, I have found out that today the Tree Day In Honduras, apparently in each country it is celebrated on different dates and today it is Honduras' turn. The tree festival is celebrated to remember how important it is to protect surfaces with trees because they have many benefits for our planet

In Spain, which is where I live, we celebrate it on March 21, coinciding with the international day of forests….

The fact is that taking advantage of the occasion 😉 I bring you some papers decorated with trees that you can download for free to use in your crafts, scrapbook, origami ...

In the pdf there are several files including a sheet with a drawing of trees that you can use to decorate

Remember that you have to make a responsible use of paper and print only what is necessary

You can print the decorated tree paper by clicking on the image or on the following link:

More free printable decorated papers links:

Thanks for visiting my blog, happy day 🙂

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