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The Libra sign is diplomatic, idealistic, romantic, indecisive and tends to change their mind easily.

On this page we tell you more about Aquarians, personality of the sign, compatibility with other horoscopes, the secrets to conquer them, their virtues and strengths, their weaknesses, what to give to an Aquarius, what are their symbols ...


The symbol of Libra represents justice, it is represented by the balance, which was a symbol that represented discernment, analysis, choice. Libra is a symbol that belongs to the Air element.

Are considered Libra those born between 23/09 - 23/10

Libra Characteristics

Libras have acharming and sociable personality.

A Libra isdiplomatic and elegant. He is optimistic, romantic, funny, smiling, thoughtful, classy, ​​very fond of parties and nightlife. He is very successful with the opposite sex, because he is very attractive and detailed ... To learn more about the Libra personality.

Compatibility Libra

Libra is a calm sign, optimistic, docile, good friend ... The signs, dominant and authoritarian, feel good with him, because Libra does not like confrontations. They always dialogue. They get along with almost everyone.

See the Compatibility of Libra with the other signs of the zodiac

How to conquer Libra

Libra is a difficult sign to fall in love or seduce. Libra is a very refined, sophisticated and elegant sign. He attaches great importance to gifts, details, image, he likes to be invited to elegant places. You have a hard time finding someone of your level or expectations. Everything you need to know about how to conquer a Libra man or woman

How is Libra in sex

This sign does not conceive of sex without love. Romanticism is necessary to win him over. In addition, you need a smart conversation, a classy place, image, class ... To know more about Libra and sex

What to give a Libra

Want to give a friend, family member or partner if your sign is Libra ... see more gifts for Libra

Libra symbols

As we have commented, its symbol is Air but there are more symbols that characterize Libra.

Famous characters who are Libra:

BrigitteBardot, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Eminem, Tom Petty, John Lenon, Julio Iglesias, MeatLoaf, Martina Hingis, Sting, Paul Simon, Will Smith, Oscar Wilde, RogeMoore, Julie Andrews, Ray Charles, Jimmy Carter, Paul Hogan, Matt Damon , LucianoPavarotti, Susan Sarandon, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yearly horoscope for the Libra sign

  • Libra 2020
  • Libra 2020
  • Libra 2020
  • Libra 2020
  • Libra 2020
  • Libra 2014
  • Libra 2013
  • Libra 2012
  • Libra 2011
  • Pound 2010
  • Pound 2009
  • Libra 2008
  • Libra 2007
  • Libra 2006
  • Libra 2005
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