Reasons to quit smoking

<strong>Reasons to quit smoking</strong>

We have given tips to quit smoking And here is a list of reasons to stop depending on this habit.

10 reasons to quit smoking

1. I extend my life expectancy and my quality of life, with a lower risk of coronary heart disease and lung cancer.

2. There are better habits than killing yourself. I'm going to start new things: walk a dog, do yoga, go to concerts, enjoy a hobby ...

3. My chest doesn't hurt, I don't have that cough ...

4. The flavors and smells that I have recovered are magnificent.

5. I am helping my family and my friends.

6. I can do sports, exercise, move more easily.

7. I use tobacco spending in games for children, solidarity, aid to disadvantaged people ...

8. I have no problems at work, in restaurants and public spaces.

9. I do not depend on some stupid cigarettes that if I run out or I am in a place where I cannot smoke they cause me discomfort, irritability, anxiety, dependence ...

10. It is an excellent support for my personal self-esteem and to show me my ability to control myself.

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