Impact of nanotechnology on wood, cellulose and paper

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02/14 Meeting to study the impact of nanotechnology in the wood, pulp and paper industry.

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) says it will sponsor a meeting in April to analyze the impact of nanotechnology on wood, pulp and paper products.

The meeting, organized by the USDA Forest Products Laboratory, recognizes that nanotechnology could revolutionize the forest products industries globally.
The leaders indicated that the meeting will focus on global scientific and economic trends that shape future technologies and markets.

More than 100 scientists, business executives and representatives of government agencies from the US, Canada, Europe and Asia are expected to attend the meeting that will take place April 26-28 in Atlanta.


Topics related to the impact of nanotechnology:

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  • The impact of nanotechnology on medicine
  • Nanotechnology and its impact on construction
  • Nanotechnology Risks

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