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John the baptist is a name composed of:

Juan, male name of Hebrew origin, its meaning is "God is merciful or God has had mercy" and Baptist, male name of Greek origin, its meaning is "The one who baptizes".

John the baptist is a compound name, uniting the meanings of both names we can deduce that it means "God is merciful and he is the one who baptizes".

History and the Saint

Saint John Baptist de la Salle, clergyman and educator. He was born in France in 1651. He came from a family of jurists, at a very young age he leaned towards the priesthood and later he was appointed canon of the cathedral of Reims. His contact with the lower social classes, aroused his interest in the education and instruction of children. He is the forerunner of popular education, with pedagogical gifts and a great educator. He founded the oldest Christian schools and a Community. He opened his first school for poor children in 1679 in his town Reims and in 1684 he founded the group of the brothers of the Christian SchoolsAfter going through times of many difficulties, it managed to have up to 200 members and more than 22 schools and two seminaries to train teachers, currently its lay religious congregation is dedicated to the education and teaching of youth, canonized in 1900.

His saint is celebrated on April 7.

Saint John the Baptist, nativity. He was born in Judea, his father the priest Zacharias and his mother Elizabeth, his aunt Maria the mother of Jesus; according to the gospels he was the forerunner of Jesus Christ. Nazarite, a Hebrew who consecrates himself to the worship of God, from a very young age with great self-discipline prepares to carry out his mission, baptizes penitents with water for their purification and after baptizing Jesus, he terminated his ministry. He denounces Herod Antipas for marrying him. Herodias (wife of his stepbrother Herod) and for that reason he is imprisoned and later beheaded at the request of Salome (daughter of Herod and Herodias)

His Saint is celebrated on June 24

Saint John (Baptist) Maria Vianney, priest. He was born in Dardilly, near Lyon, in 1876, to a Christian peasant family. When confirmed in his faith with the Archbishop of Lyon, John adds Baptist to his name, becoming John the baptist. At an early age he decides on ecclesiastical studies under the direction of the "abbé"Balley, rector of Ecully. Place where he remained hidden during the time that he had to do his military service, a time that coincided with the French revolution. In 1810 an admist saved him from his negligence and he decided to continue his studies in Varrières and Lyon. He was expelled from the seminary for Useless. Return to Ecully; and Vianney made him vicar chaplain of Ars and that 3 years later became a parish. His skills as a pastor and organizer made him famous and attracted many faithful, he tried to retire several times but the town prevented him.

His Saint is celebrated on August 4.

The Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist.

Festivity dating from the 5th century, when in Gaul it was already celebrated with the name of Passiode San Juan, to later take in the Roman Gospels the name of Decollatio (slaughter). The celebration originates from the dedication of the church built on the tomb of San Juan Bautista in Sebaste de Samaria.

The Martyrdom is celebrated on August 29.

Other Saints John the Baptist: San Juan Bautista de la Concepción (Juan García) priest is celebrated on February 15, San Juan Bautista de Rossi on May 23, San Juan Bautista Mazzucconi, priest and martyr on September 25; Saint John the Baptist Nam Tjyong-Sam, martyr September 20, Saint John the Baptist Tjyeng Seung-Yen, martyr September 20; San Juan Bautista Alonso (Huelva) on June 24.

Variant of John the Baptist

John the baptist in other languages, Catalan: Joan Bauptista.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Bautista

  • Juan Bautista Aznar, was born in Cádiz in 1860, he was president of the government of Alfonso XIII's reign.
  • Juan Bautista Cabanilles, was born in Valencia in 1644, a composer considered one of the best organ interpreters of the 18th century.
  • Juan Bautista Muñoz, was born in Valencia in the year 1745; was the historian who wrote the "General Archive of the Indies".

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