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YouTube founders acquire almost everything Delicious, except the blog password

Last week it was announced that Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the founders of YouTube, had acquired Yahoo's Delicious bookmarking service at an undisclosed price, incorporating it into their new Internet company Avos.

The announcement follows rumors in March that Yahoo may have sold the service for around $ 1 million; a figure considerably less than the $ 30 million Yahoo paid for it in December 2005.

YouTube's founders - who sold their service to Google for $ 1.76 billion in 2006, 18 months after its inception - say their goal is to “keep giving users the same great service they love and make it even easier. and fun to save, share and discover the “tastiest” content on the Internet.

However, it appears that past effects on the sale did not include the password for the Delicious blog. Therefore, the most recent entry dates from December 17, and asks: “What's next on Delicious?”.

At that time Yahoo had fired all the staff working at Delicious, despite the message posted saying: “No, we are not closing Delicious. Although we have determined that it does not fit into the Yahoo! strategy, we believe that there is an ideal home for Delicious outside the company where it can be endowed with resources at a level that allows it to be competitive.

However, it appears that no one wrote the password for the blog, or asked for it from the fired staff. So nobody can put new posts on it, or get rid of the spam that accumulates in their comments.
Instead, on Wednesday an ad pasted on the front page of the blog (at its canonical URL reads: “Providing a smooth transition for users is very important to both companies. Yahoo! will continue to operate Delicious until around July 2011. When the transition period is complete, the information will move to the new owner of Delicious ”.

As of Wednesday, anyone who accesses your Delicious account will see a request for permission to transfer their information. A Frequently Asked Questions about the transition (FAQ) document indicates that, after the transition date, whoever has not agreed to the transfer of their data and has not downloaded or transferred them to another service such as Pinbo

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