Mobile payment with Android phones

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Google introduces mobile payment with Android phones. The next version of Android for smartphones will be compatible with a technology that will allow users to use their phones to pay in restaurants and shops, thus being able to replace credit cards. Google CEO Eric Schmidt showed at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco a phone that has not yet been released and that features a special chip that allows consumers to quickly pay for items by tapping the phone. a special terminal. According to Schmidt, compatibility with this technology, called Near Field Communications (NFC), will be included in the next version of your Android software, "Gingerbread", which will be presented in a few weeks.

Google has no immediate plans to update any of its own mobile apps to take advantage of these payment capabilities, but Schmidt hopes other companies will.

Added that Google will partner with traditional parts of the credit card industry, such as payment processors, rather than compete with them.

NFC technology has been around for years, but it hasn't quite succeeded. Now, the new interoperability with Google's Android operating system could promote a more widespread use of the technology, given that Android currently occupies the second position in the list of most popular mobile operating systems prepared by the research firm Gartner, just behind Symbian, Nokia's operating system and ahead of Apple's iOS, used in the iPhone.

Source: Reuters

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