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In the beach town recommended by Euroresidents

Hotel Hostería del Mar (****)

Avda. Papa Luma 18, Tel.: 964 480 600 / Fax: 964 481 363.

Hotel with excellent views of the sea and the Castillo del Papa Luna. Located on the beachfront and on the seafront. The Hotel maintains a medieval style decoration and recreates itself by offering medieval dinners. 78 rooms, 8 suites.

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Parador de Benicarló (***)

Av. Papa Luna, 5, Benicarló Tel. 964 470 100; Fax: 964 470 934. A few km. of Peñíscola.
Located 30 meters from the seaside, this is a modern low-rise building with a swimming pool, recently renovated and comfortable.

Hotel RH Casablanca Suites (****)

Av. Papa Luna, 113, Peñiscola (Castellón)

Completely renovated in 2006, located on the beachfront, facing the Paseo Marítimo de la Bahía de Peñíscola. A few minutes from the city center, its shops, bars and restaurants. ...

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Peñiscola Plaza Suites (****)

Avda. Papa Luna, 156, Peñiscola (Castellón)

Located on the new promenade, in front of the beach, and a very short distance from the urban center (3.5 km). The Marina Benicarló (Yacht Club, shopping and leisure area) is 2.5 km away.

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Azahar Residential & Holiday Park (****)

Partida Villarroyos s / n, 12598 Peñíscola (Castellón)
The Azahar Residencial Park & ​​Spa Resort is an ideal place to spend an excellent family vacation.…

This hotel is currently CLOSED

Nearby in the province of Tarragona: Hotel Ra (*****) spa and health.

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